Introducing Landis Arboretum’s New Website – Landis Live

This was a pretty good year at Landis. We had a vibrant variety of well-attended programs, classes and events, capped off by the successful debut of the ‘Live at Landis’ series of music concerts. Our volunteers renovated the Meeting House as an intimate venue for events and performances. The Native Plant Trail is now interactive with strategically-placed QR codes that stream Ed Miller’s knowledgeable commentary to your phone. Finally, we hosted two fantastic Plant Sales, bringing in visitors from near and afar.

With so much going on and much more to come in 2014, we wanted our website to be our focal point online. With timeless botanical collections, a rich annual calendar, nature education and expert advice, Landis Arboretum has so much to offer to a wide variety of people. Now all this and more is available online 24/7.

We are excited to announce ‘Landis Live’, our new interactive, feature-rich website. Loaded with stunning images of the Arb, notes about our collections & history and regularly updated articles from the editorial committee, Landis Live is a one-stop-shop for the Arboretum. Some of the highlights are;

The Visit section of the website has short introductory write-ups to our botanical collections. Here, you can read about the unique lilac collection at Landis, including Lape’s own beautiful late blooming white lilac ‘Summer White” or delve into research being done on Tough Trees for Tough Sites. Visitors can listen to audio guides narrated by our Trail Curator, Ed Miller, covering the highlights of the Native Plant trail, a special treat! You can also download and print detailed trail guides before a visit by accessing our guide library.

We have reworked the events calendar to make it as easy to use as possible. By splitting our annual calendar into four types of Activities – Live Performances, Arts & Classes, Nature Education & Gardening, Fundraising Events – members can find events that interest them quickly without having to scroll through a long list. If you prefer a chronological list, activities are also categorized month-by-month.

Our most exciting features are to be found in the Interact section. Landis volunteers regularly post articles, news and other announcements on our new blog, News & Notes. Fred Breglia, our Director, is moderating a members-only Ask Fred Forum, where our supporters can ask for horticulture advice any time of the year. Have questions about preparing your garden for winter or caring for a fussy indoor plant? Don’t hesitate to join in!

Finally, we have made it simple to Support us in a number of ways. A Membership Form is now online, you are just a couple of clicks away from enjoying VIP privileges at the Arb. If you would like to contribute your skills and time to helping Landis, consider signing up online under the Volunteer section. We also very grateful for your monetary support, more information can be found under Donations, Memorials and Sponsorships, with the ability to make a Paypal contribution with ease.

To access the website, go to and ‘click to enter’. We invite all our members to visit the new website and send us your comments or suggestions. Please write to us by filling in the online Contact form. Coming soon – a fully online Acorn Shop and a dedicated Weddings & Rentals section. Stay tuned!


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