Landis Arboretum

Promoting a A Local Natural Treasure Through Social Media

A Community Outreach Project

The Landis Arboretum is a 548-acre public garden overlooking the historic Schoharie Valley near Esperance, New York.  Forty acres are developed with plantings of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials from around the world. The remainder of the property consists of natural areas, woodlands, wetlands, more than 8 miles of trails, and open fields reminiscent of the former Oak Nose Farm, homestead of founder Fred Lape.  The Arb hosts a wide range of activities and events year-round to support local conservation activities.

Fruitfly is working with Landis to identify and engage potential visitors in the larger NY Capital Region using social media. By creating a workable day-to-day strategy for volunteer members, Fruitfly is helping the Arb spread its message of conservation to a wider audience.