Starting Up!

Starting something is hard. It takes enormous effort to overcome natural inertia and to take the first step. It also takes courage to put oneself ‘out there’. Starting up a business takes this to another level all together, which is why I have enormous respect for the entrepreneurially inclined.

And then there are those small businesses dedicated to tackling large-scale injustices and imbalances in the system. Like the privately-owned coffee-shop around the corner that sources fair-trade coffee or a rural call center in India bringing lucrative jobs to villages. More often than not, they are game-changers, working against conventional business sense to achieve success. These enterprises have unique ways of thinking and operating. They are showing us that the future could be different. Diverse. Sustainable. Livable.

‘Good Business Sense’ aims to serve as a resource and guide to sustainable, social, green, responsible enterprises from around the world. The posts will center around “communication”, specifically issues of market research, metrics, branding, reporting, labels and certification. Hopefully, it will create a mosaic of useful and relevant information, helping launch new ideas across the world. Keep watching this space!


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